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  • Quick

    In order to make a smart idea come to life it takes people, planning and intelligence. This is why we’ve assembled an integrated production team who brings it all together. Real-time collaboration allows us to work seamlessly with our in house team as well as our external directors, photographers and designers.

  • Creative

    Our approach toward creative centers around content consumption taking on the challenge of creating interest around an idea that often times nobody wants to hear. The active brand concept allow us to create unique brand interaction experiences that are smart, useful, entertaining or maybe even all of these things.

  • Effective

    We build active brands by leveraging a variety of digital media branding techniques that allow us to take your content, product or information and place it front and center of your customers which effectively eliminates the competitive clutter resulting in increased traffic, qualified leads, and maximized budget dollars.

  • Reliable

    Because every client is different, we focus on building strong relationships to better appreciate your individual demands and expectations. Our standards are kept exceptionally high to surpass your expectations. Continuously challenging our team to push beyond help us move you closer to your consumers.



Carlos Quintero
Owner & Founder

I started MediaOnQ in 1997 as a way to help companies share their stories, bring value to their customers, promote their products and services by leveraging everything that the World Wide Web has to offer.

We focus on all the pieces that allow our customers to find success on the Web, in Mobile, on Social Media and in Video.

MediaOnQ is here to help you manage and organize your content marketing so that every message that makes it on to your website or social media channel, is there to help your business bring value to your customers and make you money.

When you choose MediaOnQ for your business, you effectively cut out the middle-man saving yourself up to 70%.

We do not outsource any project and we do not work with outside companies to do any of the web design, mobile development or corporate video production. This is something that I am proud of because it makes MediaOnQ the most unique digital media production company in Fargo Moorhead.

Choose MediaOnQ to help you compete in today’s web economy.


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