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Engage Your Audience on Their Favorite CTV Platforms

At MediaOnQ, we leverage the dynamic power of Connected TV (CTV) and Streaming TV (STV) to connect your brand with audiences immersed in their favorite digital content. As viewers increasingly choose streaming platforms like Amazon Freevee, Prime Video, STARS, Disney+, Discovery, YouTube TV, and Peacock, we ensure your message reaches them through precise, impactful advertising. We’ve all done it, had to binge watch a season of our favorite show…that’s one way we know it works!


Understanding CTV and STV

Connected TV refers to internet-connected devices that enable viewers to stream videos, music, and browse apps. It’s the junction where traditional television meets modern streaming technology.

Streaming TV (STV), or over-the-top (OTT) TV, involves broadcasting digital video content directly over the internet. This platform is crucial for reaching both traditional TV viewers and cord-cutters.

At MediaOnQ, we place your ads within streamed content, offering the perfect mix of traditional TV’s broad reach and digital advertising’s sharp targeting.

It is also important to note that CTV and STV does not include Local News Programming because the local television stations or affiliate stations to CBS, NBC, and FOX have the ability to control the content that is displayed during their breaks. This means that local cable companies are not able to run your ads during local programming.


Why Choose CTV and STV Advertising?

Targeted Advertising with MediaOnQ, allow your campaigns gain precision. We target ads to specific demographics, behaviors, and interests. This means your message hits home with viewers who are most likely to respond. For example, a homeowner in Chicago watching a home renovation show might see your ad for local contractor services.

The contrast to this would be a commercial for any of the vehicle brands like Jeep, Ford, Toyota or others.

For example, when you see a Ford commercial that does not mention a region, it would be a national commercial that is running across the entire network. When you see a Ford commercial that mentions a local dealership, it is a targeted and regional commercial which is likely managed by the local broadcast network. 

Enhanced Viewer Engagement CTV ads are designed to be non-skippable, which boosts viewer engagement. Your entire message gets delivered every time, making every ad count more.

It is also important to note that if a household or viewer has opted in to pay the associated fees say on Amazon TV or Disney+ to view content without ads, your ad will not reach that household or individual.

Effective Measurement through MediaOnQ’s technology, we track how well your ads perform, using advanced metrics like video completion rates and engagement levels. Our reports show what’s working and where to tune your strategy, making sure you get the best return on investment.

Real-World Success

One of MediaOnQ’s seasonal retailer who used our targeted CTV advertising to pinpoint their audience during peak shopping times led to a remarkable 12% increase in their revenue year over year for the last five years. Such success is not uncommon among our clients in both local and major markets like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Expanding Your Reach

MediaOnQ is based out of Fargo, North Dakota and serves a broad array of clients across the Upper Midwest and major metropolitan areas nationwide. We are equipped to manage both local and national advertising campaigns, ensuring your message resonates no matter the location.

Connect with Your Audience Today

Are you ready to see how CTV and STV advertising can transform your marketing strategy? Contact MediaOnQ to discover how our targeted, high-impact solutions can elevate your brand. Let’s make your products a household name in the world of streaming content.


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