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Display Advertising with MediaOnQ

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology for Targeted Advertising Impact

At MediaOnQ, we harness the power of Google’s Big Data and our access to an expansive display network that includes Amazon, Bing, Google, Yahoo, MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, and Disney to bring precision and efficiency to your advertising campaigns. By integrating these advanced tools, we can significantly reduce ad spend while maximizing targeting and tracking capabilities. This approach allows us to tailor campaigns that resonate deeply with your target audience, ensuring that your ads are not just seen but are also impactful.

Display Advertising with MediaOnQ

What Are Display Ads?

Display ads are dynamic visual advertisements that combine engaging copy with eye-catching graphics and a compelling call to action (CTA). These ads are strategically placed across various online platforms, enhancing brand visibility and engagement. At MediaOnQ, our display ads are crafted to captivate and convert, forming an essential part of any sophisticated marketing strategy. Important note, display ads are complimentary to most marketing strategies and not intended as stand-alone strategic channels.


Creative Excellence in Display Advertising

MediaOnQ’s work with a thought leader in the jewelry niche who is now known as “Fargo’s Diamond Destination,” exemplifies our creative approach. We crafted a unique campaign that positioned their “Rock Bands” a clever nod to their infinity stone diamond ring stack, as must-have items. This not only cemented their brand identity but also set industry trends, prompting competitors to follow suit. Our client continues to lead, achieving a 15% increase in market share and becoming the region’s top market share holder. Important note, creativity through visuals and words make a gigantic difference in display advertising.


Understanding Display Advertising vs. Banner Ads

While often used interchangeably, ‘display ads’ and ‘banner ads’ cover different scopes of digital advertising. Traditionally, banner ads referred to specific sizes like the leaderboard, typically placed at the top of a website. Today, display ads encompass a broader range of formats and placements, offering more versatility and engagement potential than standard banner ads.

Banner ads typically only ever showed up on websites and blogs.

Display ads can target search, websites, blogs, apps, CTV (connected TV), Cable and any other source that utilizes the Internet to serve content like Spotify for example.


Effective Display Advertising with MediaOnQ

  1. Audience Targeting
    MediaOnQ begins by defining your audience with laser precision, using demographics, shopping behaviors, and contextual signals, ensuring that your ads are seen by those most likely to engage.
  2. Goal-Oriented Campaigns
    Whether you aim to increase reach or ROI, MediaOnQ campaigns are strategically designed to meet these goals through creative visuals and effective ad placements.
  3. Creative Development
    MediaOnQ merges creativity with strategic marketing insights to produce ads that not only catch the eye but also clearly communicate your brand’s unique value proposition.
  4. Optimized Ad Sizing
    MediaOnQ follows the IAB standards, we create ads that perform optimally across devices from smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and connected TVs ensuring your message is effective whether it’s viewed on a mobile device or a desktop.
  5. Real-Time Adjustments
    MediaOnQ uses a live marketing dashboard, where we monitor your campaign’s performance closely, allowing us to enhance strategies and remove underperforming ads immediately, ensuring cost-efficiency and campaign effectiveness with improved campaign integrity.
  6. Post-Campaign Analysis
    MediaOnQ deep dives into campaign metrics to understand what works and what doesn’t, refining future strategies to continually improve results. We benefit from the combined learning advantage of more than 700 monthly campaigns which allow us to pass on the knowledge to new clients and future campaigns.


The Benefits of Partnering with MediaOnQ for Your Display Advertising

Display advertising with MediaOnQ offers measurable benefits, flexibility, and complements other marketing channels effectively. By integrating display ads into your marketing mix, you can achieve a cohesive and comprehensive advertising strategy that drives results.


Ready to Transform Your Brand with Display Advertising?

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