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MediaOnQ Empowering Brands with Impactful TV Commercials Since 2006

Since our founding in 2006, MediaOnQ has been at the forefront of transforming brands through powerful visual storytelling. Based in Fargo, ND, and with roots in California and Minnesota, we have crafted compelling TV commercials. These capture the essence of brands from local markets in the Upper Midwest to expansive national stages across the USA, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Chile, Japan, and South Africa.


Tailored Commercial Production for Every Market

Local Expertise, Global Reach

Whether it’s for a local business in North Dakota or a multinational corporation, MediaOnQ tailors every TV commercial to meet the unique needs of the client. Our extensive experience spans local market campaigns in states such as South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and Montana. We also manage major national campaigns for industry giants such as Nationwide Insurance, CHASE, United Healthcare System, and Bank of America. 


Your Journey from Concept to Broadcast

MediaOnQ’s detailed production process ensures your TV commercial stands out, no matter the scope. You see, we understand that it is our responsibility to become part of your team to become the best possible partner for your brand.


Creative Concept Development

MediaOnQ starts by researching the brand, market, and audience. This methodology allow us to hit the ground running with a deep understanding of your brand to craft creative concepts. These resonate with your target audience whether they are local homeowners or global consumers. 


Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

MediaOnQ’s team crafts scripts meticulously to communicate your message within the tight confines of TV commercial time slots. We follow this with precise storyboarding to visualize each scene. Of course, you have the ability to review and visualize the concept before filming. 


Casting and Location Scouting

MediaOnQ selects talent that embodies your brand and scout locations that best reflect the narrative of your commercial. These locations could be the bustling streets of Illinois or the tranquil landscapes of Montana.


Filming and Post Production

MediaOnQ’s state-of-the-art technology and skilled professionals capture and refine your message. They ensure top-quality visuals and sound that engage and inspire. To accomplish this, we film on RED Digital Cinema cameras as well as Canon Cinema Cameras. We capture in 8K DCI resolution, allowing us to master and deliver and future proof your investment beyond today’s broadcast standards.

We believe that having the flexibility to archive the content is a solid way to protect your investment and allow you to repurpose without adding future production cost.


Strategic Media Buying and Ad Placement

MediaOnQ places your ads from local TV stations to national networks strategically. This maximizes both reach and impact. We leverage our extensive network to get your brand the visibility it deserves.


Proven Success Across Sectors

MediaOnQ has contributed to local businesses success such as Windows Plus, Jacobson Dentistry, G&T Plumbing, Heartland Healthcare Network, Memory Fireworks, and Schmidt’s Gems & Fine Jewelry to name a few.

We have also enhanced the regional presence of brands like Marvin, Dakota Fence, DFC Company, and Minnkota Windows. MediaOnQ has a proven track record of delivering results. Our ability to adapt and tailor campaigns for specific markets and regions makes us a leader in both local and national advertising.


Engage with MediaOnQ for Unmatched TV Advertising

Discover the MediaOnQ difference where your vision is transformed into a compelling TV commercial. This commercial speaks directly to your audience. With nearly two decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, we’re ready to help your brand shine in any market.

Are you ready to start your advertising journey with a trusted leader in the industry? Contact MediaOnQ today and let us bring your vision to life on the screen.

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