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Turning Your Vision into Reality

At MediaOnQ, we transcend traditional marketing frameworks by integrating state-of-the-art technology with our human centered approach. Utilizing our “digital Swiss Army knife,” we plan, create, and manage your social media presence with precision which allows our social media marketing team to ensure that every post, and every campaign, is strategically aimed at engaging real, relevant audiences.

From the first click to the last share, we track your competitors, monitor effective hashtags, and provide real time reports that allow you to make data driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

Our Promise Is Simple, Authentic Growth & No Gimmicks

Carlos Quintero, our CEO, puts it best “We’re not just vendors we’re part of your team. Keeping our job is dependent on delivering real, actionable growth for our clients.”

At MediaOnQ, generating authentic traffic and engagement is most important! We steer clear of bots and generic content schedules because as many of our client’s know bots don’t become customers and posting simply to say we did is not a strategy.

Our content strategies are finely tuned to target potential customers who are actively searching for your products and services within your specified geographic location or service area. This precision allow us to cut wasteful spending and maximizes the impact of every dollar you invest.


Transformative Results That Speak for Themselves

Imagine transforming from capturing a handful of leads per week to driving thousands of calls per day. One of our clients experienced just this, growing into a $150 million dollar per year powerhouse. Such transformative results are what we strive to achieve for each client, proving our commitment as your long term strategic ally.


Strategic Impact of Social Media Marketing

Consider a local aesthetics med spa struggling to attract new patients in a competitive market like Fargo, North Dakota.

In Fargo, we have 28 businesses listed in Google Maps that offer Botox Cosmetic Injections this is why we feel this is a highly competitive market. Many of these businesses choose to advertise by stating their price points, similar to how auto dealerships choose to sell cars, where it’s all about the monthly payment.

You can quickly see how that strategic approach is a quick race to the bottom and eliminates any trace of customer loyalty. By leveraging our unique mix of digital strategies and local insights, we redefined their online presence, focusing on building community and celebrating the authentic “you but better”, which doubled their client base in just under six months.


Hear What MediaOnQ Social Media Marketing Clients Have To Say

“Our experience with MediaOnQ was nothing short of amazing, They seamlessly aligned our digital strategies with our business objectives, exceeding our expectations at every turn.” says Mary Roehl from TrueNorth Steel in Fargo, North Dakota.

Janet Grove from Progressive Therapy Associates and ProADHD Coaching based out of Fargo, North Dakota shares, “Working closely with Carlos and his team for nearly a decade, we’ve seen remarkable results in our web traffic and patient engagement.”

Scott Merril from Kassbohrer All Terrain Vehicles inc. based out of Reno, Nevada adds, “Carlos’ insights into SEO and digital marketing strategies have significantly increased our sales and customer interactions.”


How MediaOnQ Helps Elevate Your Brand Through Social Media Marketing

  • Customized Strategy Development
    Every brand has a unique story. MediaOnQ starts by understanding your business, goals, and your audience. Our team crafts a social media strategy that leverages the universal language of video alongside impactful messaging to connect and engage.

  • Dynamic Content Creation
    MediaOnQ specializes in producing captivating video content paired with compelling graphics and posts. Our content elevates your brand and drives engagement, making your social presence powerful and persuasive.

  • Proactive Community Engagement
    Your audience is our top priority. We actively manage your social interactions, creating genuine connections and fostering a community that feels valued and heard.

  • Insight-Driven Adaptation
    Utilizing the latest tools and analytics, we continuously refine our approach based on real-world data, ensuring your social media efforts are both effective and efficient.

  • Targeted Social Advertising
    Extend your reach with precision. Our experts handle ad creation, optimization, and performance tracking, ensuring every dollar is strategically invested for maximum return.


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