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How To Grow Your Business Through Responsive Web Design

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Corporate Web Design


Corporate Web Design

The Face Of Your Business

A Corporate website is more than the face of a business. It is the market perception of your organization… MediaOnQ translates your business objectives onto the web by creating transparency between your physical and virtual business fronts.

Corporate website development not only requires a technically adept team of designers but also market savvy group of professional who understand the business objectives and the demands of the market as well as your industry.

A successful corporate web design strategy demands conceptual clarity and an ability to visualize the overall solution within the periphery of specific industry domains and their business processes.

The technical team at MediaOnQ consists of a group of seasoned professionals who can visualize the most complex client requirements and can translate them into a simplistic and aesthetically pleasing solution – A corporate website that will help you stand out within your industry and simultaneously build a competitive barrier for your organization.

We deliver a product that makes your organization the leader in its segment while carving a niche for itself with in the World Wide Web.

Our focus is to make the corporate web design process easy yet comprehensive and provide a customized solution which is optimal for your company.

Web Design Approach

Your company's success is our primary objective. We will build a custom web solution that is tailored to your industry, business and marketing objectives.

In our web design portfolio, you will find "true custom one of a kind" design and development projects from across the United States and Canada. Our Corporate website design projects include a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies with all types of budgets.

Our corporate design specialists design all the project pages from a blank canvas and program all applications to custom fit our client's objectives creating synergy between the physical and virtual business.

Our corporate website design processes focus on:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Page Layout & Navigation

Content Management System (CMS)

Process Management

MediaOnQ's website designs are stylish and contemporary instantly appealing to your customers retaining their attention.

We pride ourselves in having the ability to create and communicate a strong, clear and compelling branded message.

Corporate Web Site Design Features

The current business environment demands that corporate websites be both strategic and conversational. The website should function as a public relations portal for the corporation.

  • Blog: Corporate blogs opens the doors for conversation with your potential partners and customers.
  • Discussion Board/Chat Room: MediaOnQ integrates a discussion board that offers 2-way communication for customers with support teams. Discussion topics and threads can be created by members and offers a way for customer support representatives to discuss issues, provide support and answer many questions customers may have about products or services.
  • News and Articles: A content managed news center with content syndication (RSS) capabilities.
  • Knowledge Base/Resource Center: A knowledge and resource center allowing distribution of various documents including PDFs, Word documents, CAD files, and most other business document types.
  • Site Search: Allowing site visitors to quickly and easily find information they are looking for.
  • Events Calendar: Full control of an events calendar that allows site administrators to create and post events as well as create custom event forms allowing site visitors to sign up online.