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YouTube Formula To Successful Video Marketing Engagement


YouTube shared survey results on content delivery by channel as well as content categories that drive engagement.

YouTube Reveals Formula to Video Marketing Engagement by sharing their own user survey results to help us fine tune our content and delivery channels.

YouTube Formula To Successful Video Marketing Engagement

YouTube Reveals Formula to Video Marketing Engagement

In today’s blog post, YouTube Reveals the Formula to Video Marketing Engagement!

We’ve all heard a time or two that using video in our marketing is a good idea, right? And we’ve heard that YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine, right after Google. Do you know what makes a YouTube Video Engaging?

Hello and thank you for joining me today. 

OK, so we mentioned that YouTube revealed the formula to  successful video marketing engagement – what’s that all about?

YouTube shared 5 great user trends to help us tweak our social channel's content and grow engagement. Taking this information and applying it to your own social activity and content can help you grow your audience and increase the engagement simply because understanding the audience is key.

Because the more you understand about who your audience is, the more you can fine-tune your content to match their taste.

Gyms generally do a good job of this in their marketing. Gold’s Gym for instance markets to the body builder types where Planet Fitness has what they call their Lurk Free Zones encouraging non-body building types to join.

Understanding your audience means that you understand your customers. This understanding allows you to segment your audience, which makes it so that you can target your product, service and information.

That’s right, because finding that one thing that your customers share, allows you to put out one message that will resonate with a group of like-minded people. And when you do that across a social channel, well that is what allows content to be shared, get thumbs up and even go viral.

Are we talking about YouTubers here?

No we are not, but there are lots of lessons that we can all learn from YouTubers.

There are many ways that small business owners and companies of all sizes have used YouTube to help their business. For instance, I’ve seen companies launch campaigns that help with their hiring, employee retention and recruiting by focusing on the positives of their culture and work environment. In a state like ours here in North Dakota, that is a huge advantage because the unemployment rate is so low.

We’ve also seen companies launch a new product through their YouTube Channel because video allows you not to only target your audience but to also show them why and how they can use and benefit from your products or from doing business with you.

Everything from launching a BOOK, launching a Digital Product to trendy Exercise Equipment and even the latest Automobile Model and Features.

We want to point out that if you need help with your own YouTube campaign, we can help you work on your campaigns concept, launch and tracking. Our company MediaOnQ’s Video department offers pre-production, production and post-production video services.

Now YouTube didn’t simply publish or email us this information, so how did we come about it?

YouTube invited us to participate in a creator survey where the reward for my time was that YouTube would share insights into their audience. YouTube has millions and millions of users where most channels including ours have less than 5 thousand subscribers. In many cases less than 1 thousand subscribers. So the value of the information that YouTube chose to share, is of huge value to us as content creators, marketers and business owners.

The data that was shared did not only apply to YouTube but rather it applied to social media and content delivery with a focus on engagement. That is why we are excited to share this information with you.

The information that we are about to share is broken down into 5 categories.

  1. Social Media Usage
  2. Social Cool 3. The Social Guide
  3. Social Users
  4. YouTube

Let’s go down the list.

Social Media Usage

YouTube asked their user base the following question.

Please tell us how often you use the following platforms/apps/services?

We received results for two key groups, Mainstream Users and Trendsetters. Each platforms/apps/service was evaluated individually and included:

  •  YouTube
  • Facebook
  • iTunes
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Spotify
  • Tumbler

YouTube and Facebook are the top platforms/apps/services used amongst Mainstream and Trendsetters.

The rankings show YouTube as first, followed by Facebook, iTunes, Instagram and Twitter to round out the top 5.

Now let’s move on to the second category;

Social Cool

YouTube asked. On a scale of 1-5, where 1 is ‘Not cool at all’ and 5 is ‘Very cool,’ where do each of the following social media sites/apps fall?

Like the previous question, YouTube shared their results for two user segments Mainstream and Trendsetters.

The top three social media sites/apps for Mainstream users are:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram

And the top three social media sites/apps for Trendsetters are:

  1. Instagram
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook

Snapchat came in 4th on the trendsetters segment, which surprised us a bit.


The Social Guide

Audiences were asked to evaluate a number of statements as they relate specifically to YouTube and the YouTube App.

The top 4 areas that were selected the most by the polled audience are:

YouTube entertains me with 68%

YouTube makes me laugh with 58%

YouTube helps me learn new things 44%

YouTube improves my mood 43%

In case it wasn’t clear, people were able to select more than one, which is why these percentages don’t add up to 100.

The next section is;

Social Users

YouTube asked: Which of the following types of people do you tend to associate with YouTube? And were asked to select all that apply.

The results here are very interesting and encouraging to all of marketers and us business owners who create video content for our social channels.

The top 2 types of people that are associated with YouTube are:

  1. Creators
  2. Popular

So the perception is that if you have a YouTube Channel and produce content for that channel that you and whatever you are representing weather it’s a brand, product, service or any kind of organization; you’re basically a popular creator. Now that’s huge!

Other answers like: Trendsetters, Informed, Intellectuals, and Savvy made the top 10 in this category, you can check out the full list below.

We’re now at the fifth and final section:


YouTube asked; what types of channels do you subscribe to? And select all that apply. The number one answer is Comedy & Humor.


Other categories in the Top 10 YouTube Channel Subscriptions include

  • How To and DIY
  • Technology
  • Beauty
  • Education
  • Science

There are many other channel types that performed well and others that showed potential or opportunity.


And that is how YouTube Revealed the Formula to Video Marketing Engagement.

In the first two sections: Social Media Usage and Social Cool YouTube helped us understand and focus our content delivery by channel.

In the last three sections: The Social Guide, Social Users and YouTube; YouTube helped us focus our content creation by sharing what triggers engagement.

We hope that you find this information useful and we’d like to encourage you to share our podcast with fellow marketer or business owner. If you have any questions or want to give us your feedback you can always reach us by leaving us a comment on this blog post or through any of our social media channels. If you reach out to us across any of our social media channels please remember to use #TrendsAndStrategyPodcast so that we know how you found us.

If you’d like help with your social video or corporate video concept, production or delivery reach out to us because we’d love help.

Join us next time where we’ll continue to explore marketing trends and strategies to help you compete in today’s web economy.

Thank you for reading our blog!

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