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Sony FDR-AX100 4K Camcorder Low Light Test


In this movie we test out the noise that comes from indoor, low light and a mix of light shooting conditions.

Sony FDR-AX100 4K Low Light Performance Test
Sony FDR-AX100 4K Low Light Performance Test

I decided to shoot this movie to try and address many of the questions that I've received since publishing the 4K Footage from my recent trip to Chile as well as my initial review of the Sony FDR-AX100 4K camcorder with a 1-inch sensor.

Sony FDR AX100 4K Low Light Test


I’m Carlos from MediaOnQ.

In this movie I am going to test the Sony FDR-AX100 4K camcorder’s low light performance.

I decided to make this movie to try and answer many of the questions that I’ve received since posting the 4K-sample footage from my recent trip to Chile as well as my initial review of the Sony FDR-AX100.

The questions have been mainly about indoor, low light, mixed light and noise.

So I invited Bert to help me run this test.

In the first shot, I am shooting at 4K, 24fps, f3.7, 3300K white balance and 0db of gain.

You’ll notice that even at 0db of gain, there is a significant amount of noise in the background as it transitions from gray to black.

So let’s try to fix that using Red Giant’s Denoiser II and take a look at the results.

There are several things that I am looking for here.

I am interested in the bokeh from the light string in the background.

I want to see if there is any halo or reflection around Bert’s outline to evaluate the contras.

I’m also interested to see if there is any shift in skin tone.

And I am also looking at the flame’s halo in the foreground.

In the second shot, the only setting that changed is the gain; we are now at 3db of gain.

Once again, we see the noise.

And here’s what it looks like when I apply the Denoiser II effect.

In the third shot we’ve once again increased the gain to 6db.

The noise at this level starts to affect my point of interest.

Denoiser II does a terrific job at cleaning up my shot.

For shot number 4 I’ve stopped down to f6.2 and increased the gain to 9db.

As you can see the entire shot is affected by noise at this level.

And now the same shot with the Denoiser II effect.

Shot number 5 we are now at 12db of gain and f-stop of 7.3

As you can see we have significant problems here.

Denoiser II to the rescue once again, making the shot useable.

This final shot is an example of automatic settings, which makes the shot unusable. 

For me, automatic setting on this camera are simply not an option and from my experience if you choose to trust them, you will want to make sure that you have another camera rolling as a backup.

I hope you found this information useful.

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Until next time, I’m Carlos Quintero from MediaOnQ.

MediaOnQ helping you compete in today’s web economy.

Thank you for watching.

Carlos Quintero

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